Volunteer Spotlight: Sandra Osorio-Rojas

  • Posted on: 15 February 2018
  • By: mtucker@leaderc...

How insightful is Sandra Osorio-Rojas in understanding the best way to learn about your new hometown is through volunteering?

Sandra, a newlywed from Miami, moved to Arlington in September. Within days of her arrival, she signed up with Volunteer Arlington, highlighting her marketing and advertising background. Around the same time, Just Neighbors, a nonprofit offering legal immigration services to vulnerable immigrants was searching for volunteers with the skills to craft their #GivingTuesday campaign.

“It was a match made in heaven!,” says Erin McKenney, executive director for Just Neighbors.

Sandra, who works remotely for her Miami-based advertising agency, not only had all the needed skills to develop and launch the campaign, she too immigrated from Colombia. Sandra came to the USA with a H-1B visa so she understood the stress of the immigration process that Just Neighbors’ clients experience. Sandra attended a Just Neighbors clinic where clients meet with attorneys and volunteers who assist with applications. Her intent was to observe the process so she could produce a better campaign. As luck would have it, an additional translator was needed and Sandra stepped right in!  Just Neighbors' #GivingTuesday campaign was its most successful yet, thanks to Sandra’s many skills.

Sandra continued giving by writing a new brochure for Just Neighbors all while she finished the coursework for her Masters degree in Marketing from Florida International University, flew to graduation and celebrated her first Christmas in her new hometown. Arlington and Just Neighbors are so fortunate to have the talent and generous spirit of Sandra in our community.