Volunteer Spotlight: Kate Johanek of Jane Franklin Dance

  • Posted on: 19 April 2018
  • By: mtucker@leaderc...

Jane Franklin Dance, an Arlington based nonprofit arts organization, offers Summer Camps that explore movement, visual art and theatre. By the end of each week, campers put on show for friends and family to highlight an imagined Road Trip of camping, beach-going, exploring the artic or the ocean; or a specific adventure with a favorite feline or Fido.

Kate Johanek (age 15) has been a wonderful volunteer with Jane Franklin Dance for the past three summers. Having some training in ballet, tap and jazz - Kate was more than happy to share her expertise with young campers.

When asked about her favorite part of volunteering, she quickly knew the answer: “Seeing kids become more confident in themselves and their dance makes me feel more confident!” She gravitates towards the shy students claiming that she too can be shy, but being able to help them out of their shells is something she truly enjoys in the camp.

As a volunteer Kate is fully involved in the dance production that is put together just after a short five days. She performs alongside the kids and keeps the campers focused throughout the various activities through the day. She credits having lots of cousins with helping her keep the group on track. 

Kate talks about her future plans and how volunteering with Jane Franklin Dance will help her towards those goals: “I hope to work with kids someday. Possibly with a charity that helps kids after disasters.” JFD has been so fortunate to have someone like Kate who brings such great energy, which is essential with young people.

Jane Franklin Dance offers Counselor-in-Training for ages 11-14 and Volunteer options.  C.I.T. and Volunteers receive a letter of completion and certificate documenting community service.   More information is available online at http://www.janefranklin.com/camps