Love Rocks

Monday, July 6, 2020 - 9:30am to Tuesday, July 6, 2021 - 7:30pm

Have you ever found yourself walking down the street only to have a pop of color catch your eye? What’s that?! A rock. A colorful rock. With something nice on it that just made your day. This is a great family friendly project to get those creative juices flowing while spreading some kindness and promoting CRi!


  • Rocks! Preferably smooth river rocks, but any rocks of any size and color will do!
  • Acrylic paint – bold bright colors and/or solid dark colors hold up best
  • Paint brushes – various sizes
  • Cup of water
  • Newspaper or plastic drop cloth
  • Acrylic paint pens (not necessary, but certainly fun!)
  • Stencils (not necessary, but helpful!)
  • Sealant -

How to get started

1) Prep your workspace – Either indoors or outdoors, make sure it’s well ventilated. Lay down your newspaper or drop cloth to prevent any spills.

2) Choose your rocks – Make sure that the design you wish to paint fits on your rock.

3) Wash your rocks – Rinse your rock in water to remove any excess dirt that might come off during the painting process.

4) Let your rocks dry - Do not skip this step! Yes, we know its time consuming but any excess water will mix with the paint in the next step and it won’t stick to the rock’s surface as well as it should.

5) Design and paint your rocks – Spread the love! Lots of color is always a good option, and any uplifting sayings will be sure to bring a smile to someone’s face. Be sure to tag the rock using the following hashtags on the back #MyCRi or #EmbraceCRi.

6) Let your rocks dry again – Do not skip this step either!

7) Seal your rocks – Whether you use paint-on sealer or spray, make sure your paint is dry before you start! Apply the coats lightly and use multiple coats.

8) Let them dry – last time!

9) Share your rocks! – First, share photos of your rocks on social media with the hashtag #MyCRi or #EmbraceCRi. Then, hide your rocks in your yard (or along your regular daily stroll for positive mental and physical health!) for people to spot or put them along your sidewalk for people to take and hide themselves.

**Rock Painting Tips and Tricks Courtesy of **

  • Make sure that you seal your rocks well. You want them to hold up to the elements until they are found.
  • Never glue embellishments to rocks you plan on hiding. While they are beautiful, these additions are terrible for the environment and the animals. No matter how strong you think that glue is, a squirrel is going to be able to pick it off. Stick to paint on any rock you plan on hiding.
  • Be kind. These rocks are meant to make people happy, so their phrases should always be positive. Stay clear of negative thoughts, bad language, or anything inappropriate. You never know who is going to find the rocks.
  • Place your rocks in open spaces, not in places that will disturb nature or damage a lawnmower.