Bring a Neighbor Holiday Joy

Bring a Neighbor Holiday Joy

Serving Neighbors in Need


For as little as $10, you can make a difference at the holidays.

Working with safety net partner organizations, AHC, Inc, A-SPAN, Bridges to Independence, and OAR, these organizations will use your gift to distribute holiday gift cards, allowing neighbors to purchase what they need at this time.

(Donations will be received through Friday, November 30.)


Thank you for $600 of Joy!

Hannah Dannenfelser, Jennifer Hoil

Thank you for $250 of Joy!

Priscilla Linn, Gay Mount, Judy Norton, Christine Vinh

Thank you for $200 of Joy!

Helen Clark

Thank you for $150 of Joy!

Tammy Gardner, Margaret Kenna, Rachel Waldstein

Thank you for $100 of Joy!

Rebecca Clar, Michael Creadon, Heather DeSomer, Paige Finger, Margaret Finn, Ronald Getts, Anne Griffith, Ellen Johnsen, Laura Kapelski, Michelle LaCour, Nancy Lowenthal, Steve Meyerson, Mary O'Connor, Susan Olson, Walker Pitman, Susan Rieth, Glenn Ruskin, Helen Saks, Katherine Sylvester, Meighan Torunn, Angela Tyson, Elizabeth Zubritsky

Thank you for $50 of Joy!

Irma Azarian, Jane Baldinger, Emily Beatty, Gary Bogle, Michelle Brooks,  Judith Cefkin, Jack Ferrell, Christine French, DeWayne Halfen, Rebecca Liu, Krista O'Connell, Lauren Oursler, Gail Perruso, Libby Rector Snipe, Jessica Spielvogel, Cassandra Stroman, Andrea Woodward

Thank you for $25 of Joy!

Sarah Cole, Cynthia Quinn, Rebecca Reed, MaryKathryn Robinson, Rosemary Vita

Thank you for the Joy!

Tina Asinugo, Felicia Chaplin, Brandy Clark, Christina Cousart, Mary Suzanne dela Cruz, DeWayne Halfen, Peter Harnik, Jacqueline Hechtkopf, Sarah Lanford, Kia Martin, Jennifer McCollum, Tina Munro,  Erika Ross, Claire Rubin, Jodi Smith, Alison Yue