35th Festival Argentino in Arlington

Saturday, May 21, 2022 - 3:45pm to 10:30pm
Festival Argentino
200 S. Carlin Spring Rd Arlington, VA 22004

35 Festival Argentino

Let’s all join in the celebration!

Tango * Folk * Dances * Pop * Gourmet* Soccer * Exhibits

More than 35 Top Level Artists enhancing the Festival Program championing the culture and arts Cultural Equity

Auditorium Kenmore Middle School, Arlington, VA

SATURDAY, MAY 21, 2022 - 4:00pm to 10:30pm

Recommended for All Ages

The program seeks to immerse yourself in the sigh, sounds, flavors, and scene of Argentina. Join master artists director Oscar Magallanes & Choreographer Leon Magallanes in experiencing the sounds and rhythms of Argentina’s dance traditions: chacarera, zamba, and other traditional dances. Connect with artists —and watch as the traditional Argentine dances unfold.

This program is presented in partnership with the Arlington Cultural Affairs and the Embassy of Argentina in celebrating Argentina’s National May Revolution Program Series.

The event highlights the Argentine Pianist Christian Poyo Moya, Omar Núñez “EL CHIMPA” Special Mention Santiago del Estero, Francisco Cuestas, The Best of Argentine and Latin American Folklore, Ceibo, “Folkloric Revelation 2020” Jesús María Festival, Folklorist of International Festivals, Folklore Talent Mention Salta, Matias Natale, Pop Music Revelation 2019,the Folklore Ballet Chakaymanta, Director Oscar Magallanes, Choreographer, Leon Magallanes, Gabriel Gaumond & Catriel Iftode, Marina Bellani y Marcelo Gutierrez, Tango Dancers, Liza and Alexey Semyonov, Capital Tangueros, and more. In addition, the exhibit in the International Gallery of Kenmore Auditorium welcoming the immigrants who contribute our cultural diversity with their traditions will be open to the public.

Advanced tickets $20.00 at  Tickeri.com 202-681-9494.   Door Tickets $30.00. 

The long-running Festival Showcasing Gran Exhibitor Fest benefits a School while Embracing Cultural Equity in the Arts. Come and shop with your family and friends. 

Sponsors, vendors, artists, or crafters are invited to participate.  Learn more at Info@festivalargentinousa.org or call 703.212.5850